033 | Gut Check
Gut Check Club
Gut Check Club

Gut check #033 written by MD on 12/8/21.

Sources of pride

• Moved to Boston
• Designed my apartment to feel like a cozy oasis
• PRed the mile and the 1/2 marathon
• Joined MR
• Reconnected with old friends
• Made new friends in Boston
• Started going to Small Bow
• Made friends through Radiate
• Went on dates
• Attended weddings solo and sober
• Launched my first cert

Sources of anxiety

• BW
• My lack of mental focus
• Saving money. What is enough?

Bold future dreams

BW and I start dating. We train together and push each other to be faster. We recover by cooking, watching Jeopardy, and reading books. He comes with me to NY for the Brooklyn Marathon. I fly out to support him in AK. Our relationship feels fun and easy. We’re able to ask for what we need and get it.

I start working on the SA certification. I take the Udemy course to upskill and am able to understand integrations and how the internet works. Partners are pleased and internal stakeholders are, too. I deliver a talk about the solutions architect role at INBOUND. I actually meet up with my colleagues in person.

In 2022, I travel. I visit John in LA after I’m done with the PSO project. I snowshoe with Erin and Mike in Northampton. I go to Ghana solo for Mawena’s wedding and have a blast. I run the Falmouth Road Race with Erin and Mike, then relax on the Cape. I get into London and stay with Eric and Pascale before the marathon.

I cultivate a meditation practice and focus. I’m no longer controlled by my own ping-pong thoughts. I remain centered in my own joy and happiness.