031 | Gut Check
Gut Check Club
Gut Check Club

Gut check #031 written by MD on 6/14/21.

Sources of pride

• Got a job at HubSpot
• Left CW
• Moved home
• Found an apartment in Boston
• Designed my space and sourced furniture
• Went back to NYC

Sources of anxiety

• What are the dimensions of my new apartment?
• Will I be able to get all the items I need for my apartment?
• Will I be able to save enough money for the future?
• Will I be able to make friends?

Bold future dreams

I live in Boston with my corgi, Rigatoni. I am a part of several communities. I spend time with my HubSpot crew after work. I run with NP/Midnight Runners/Tracksmith. I plug into creative communities through CreativeMornings and SassClass. I connect with sober folks through NamaStay Sober and Daybreaker. I align with spiritual women through Benshen and Lacy. When I need an energy boost, I go to NY.

I host dinners, game nights, full moon circles, dance parties, hikes, and movie nights.

I meet a partner who is hungry and desires a partner in crime. I want to build a vibrant life and community with them, to try new things with them, to explore and learn and do more with them. I want to set goals and accomplish them with them. We create together and try new things together. We’re able to listen to each other, understand our needs, share emotions, and be vulnerable with each other.