029 | Gut Check
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Gut Check Club

Gut check #029 written by PM on 1/19/21.

Sources of pride

Being present to the wonderful world around us, the one we live in. To enjoy nature, to respect nature and to learn from the moments I have. To be healthy and happy in the present moment. For DG Strong I want to be healthy with no pain as I do the sports I love to do. 3 words are Healthy and Happy

Sources of anxiety

Nothing, but my stress comes from the world and people that are not logical in nature and how that affects others. Like my brothers that are faced with their own challenges that they do not recognize, that I have to live in their world when communicating not in mine. To find my powerful voice of love and compassion for others and be able to have the voice in these situations too.

Bold future dreams

To travel and be present with my wife. We will grow together and share unbelievable experiences immersed in nature. In this moment I am reminded of the PULL that I found in St. Croix and to want to feel the pull in many places around the planet.