018 | Gut Check
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Gut Check Club

Gut check #018 written by HT on 12/11/20.

Sources of pride

Hi I am a stylist and entrepreneur I’ve been working on my own for 25 years, this year I must say been the scariest , even though I’m a risk taker . I think my gut has a little fear but my hearth has a strong beat that I will push through this rare season . So I’m pushing on without fear and still reaching high no matter what’s the challenge .

Sources of anxiety

To be honest being a stylist is a strong source of my income I’m into my 50 ties and I refuse to do a 9 to 5 I’m not build for it so I know I’m my hearth I have to reinvent my business that’s what’s keeps me going

Bold future dreams

I have big dreams for the future being optimistic and risky I will come up with another business that will exceed my 25 yrs of styling . I know this for sure just like I knew I was leaving corporate 25 years ago