017 | Gut Check
Gut Check Club
Gut Check Club

Gut check #017 written by MD on 12/10/20.

Sources of pride

• Writing a book
• Taking a cross country road trip
• Building out Buff Ladies, Quaranteam, Motivation Mondays, and other tools to help support people during this time
• Going to therapy again
• Sass Class dance video

Sources of anxiety

• Will my friends and family get COVID?
• Will my friends and family lose their jobs?
• Who will give me a job?
• When can I leave Seattle?
• Will my relationship with CW be better when quarantine is over? Do we want the same things?
• Will I have to start over?
• Will Joe Biden actually get to be sworn in as president? Will Trump supporters rise up and attack us?
• Where do I start dealing with all these problems?

Bold future dreams

I want to move to Boston to be close to my sister. I want to get a job at a tech company doing learning design or at a university doing something. I’ll have a walking commute. I’ll live in a cozy space with good energy. I’ll go to NP, try running clubs, go to CreativeMornings, test out the Wing, meet up with old friends, hike in the White Mountains. I’ll visit my parents on weekends. My home will be a clubhouse. I’ll invite my NYC crew up and will head down there when I need a top-up of energy. My community will hold me as I build my life around them.

It will feel uncomfortable and scary to make that change, but it will be worth it. I have the power to do it. I will know when the timing is right because it will flow.