016 | Gut Check
Gut Check Club
Gut Check Club

Gut check #016 written by AS on 12/9/20.

Sources of pride

– My ability to support my own mental health journey and grow through therapy, movement, meditation, and consumption of self-development resources
– My strong friendships and relationships
– My home, the way it looks and feels to be in it
– My activism and openness to learning new things and being corrected along the way

Sources of anxiety

– Job and financial insecurity
– Death or injury to any of my loved ones or myself
– Pandemic-related stuff

Bold future dreams

– Becoming a nutritional therapist with my own practice or a full time job working to build something I care about in the realm of nutrition, body neutrality, intuitive eating, food justice, agriculture, and sustainability
– Living in a warm climate with a garden
– Traveling and being fearless