013 | Gut Check
Gut Check Club
Gut Check Club

Gut check #013 written by MT on 12/6/20.

Sources of pride

Being able to make the switch from PR to Marketing.

Uncovering market insights and sharing them with others to help them do their job.

Providing guidance & support to colleagues.

Creating content that drives high engagement and business results.

Optimizing processes to be more efficient.

Sources of anxiety

Not meeting others expectations

Feeling like I’m not moving fast enough or making a big enough impact

Feeling like I don’t have the answer

Being asked to do something unachievable outside my control.

I’m not good enough to work at a real company and make an impact.

Bold future dreams

Getting a product marketing job at a growing company

Increasing my marketing skill set to be more confident in my capabilities

Doing what’s right instead of doing what’s fast & easy.

Being able to deliver a business impact

Finding balance between work and home