009 | Gut Check
Gut Check Club
Gut Check Club

Gut check #009 written by TC on 1/31/20.

Sources of pride

Despite 2019 being a difficult year with some personal challenges, I was still able to blow out my revenue goals and succeed at another year of being self-employed. I was able to face significant adversity and still smile. I am proud!

Sources of anxiety

Being self-employed, I always wonder when/how the clients are coming and will I have enough to get by. This is a deep seeded fear from growing up without much and even though this has NEVER happened, I still worry about how to be successful and make ends meet.

Bold future dreams

I dream about a time that I have full freedom and flexibility to pick/choose the work I do, to work fewer/more meaningful hours, and to make significant impact to the people around me. I dream about being free to travel the world without fear of finances and I dream about being able to just “be” and appreciate the gifts and blessings that I have.