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Gut Check Club

The gut check is a self evaluation for risk-friendly makers and doers.

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You know the feeling.

That churn in your gut. When you’re about to do something spectacularly brilliant. Or you think. It could be a spectacular flop. Gut Check Club was created by Design Minded for people who embrace risk and are familiar with funky gut feelings.


Ruminate and write.

Listen to your gut. Think about where you are now and what you want to achieve. Some time after you submit your gut check, it will be reflected back to you. You’ll be confronted with your own words. You are your own accountability coach.


Join the gut check club by posting your own self evaluation.


Answers to Qs:

What should I write about? Write about what makes you proud, what makes you anxious, and bold dreams for the future. Prompts are provided.

Why are gut checks anonymous? These aren’t self promo. They’re honest, and to be honest, not always pretty. Nobody needs to know who you are.

Why didn’t it show up immediately? Gut checks are filtered for spam bots. Only real humans allowed. You’ll get a welcome email when it’s posted.

When will it come back to me? You don’t need to know. A month, or three, or more. A surprise punch in the gut is more powerful than anything you’re ready for.

What if I don’t want to provide initials? Initials are required. But if you don’t want to reveal yours, just use any two letters. Nobody cares but you.

What if I didn’t get anything? If you did a gut check but didn’t get a welcome email, check your spam. It will be coming from self [at] gutcheckclub.com


Take the time to take stock of your actions. Be honest, vulnerable, and real. Anonymity gives you the confidence to reveal the bad with the good.


Writing your gut check is cleansing. Purge your mind of the things that keep you up at night. Make space in your brain for more constructive ideas.


Your gut check will be reflected back to you. You’ll get an email asking how your plans are working out. Your own words will hold you accountable.